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The First Bouncy Case For Your iPhone

Never worry about dropping your iPhone again

Jellyboxx cases are a fashionable way to keep your iPhone safe from high impact falls and drops.

Our cases are handmade from quality materials to provide the best level of protection available for your device. Jellyboxx Grip uses a specialized rubber blend to allow the iPhone to bounce on impact. Take a look at promotional video to see why our customers love the Jellyboxx.

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Jellyboxx Bounce

Jellyboxx has a bright, flexible persona that can be adapted to suit almost any use. Use Jellyboxx to add a unique piece to your style.

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Tested comprehensively on a number of iPhone devices, Jellyboxx is well prepared to impress your friends.

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Jellyboxx Chains

Each case comes with a gold chain. We provide different models to suit your style. Be fashion. Be unique.

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Never worry about
dropping your iPhone again.

Designed for shock isolation and protection, the Jellyboxx case has the resilience you’re looking for to withstand extremely high heat, falls, blows or snags without chipping, denting or cracking. Both the Jellyboxx and the Jellyboxx Bounce are so indestructible, they can survive a 10-meter (33 foot) drop. All are hand-made using recyclable, odorless, natural rubber.

Jellyboxx is only available for
the iPhones 5, 5c and 5s.

Our stylish, vibrant line includes Poppin’ Grape, Cherry Bomb, Sunset Berry, and rich-toned finishes such as Bittersweet (black), Whipped (white), and Crystal XX (the original clear finish), among a wide variety of choices.

Plus our Fall line includes Gold, Silver and Rose Gold straps to display your iPhone and Jellyboxx! Complete your look with the specially designed line of chains with stylish charms. Make your phone the best accessory in your wardrobe.

No matter what your iPhone might endure as you go about your hectic schedule, a Jellyboxx protective case is the only one you’ll ever need. Light, fun and easy to pop in and out!

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Freedom to Drop Your iPhone

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Want to see Jellyboxx in Action?

The Jellyboxx has an extraordinary ability to bounce when the case is dropped while protecting a phone. Watch the video and see why others are amazed.

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    Style With A Little Bounce

    Jellyboxx fuses the traditional cellular and tablet cases with a refined protective rubber that provides valuable mobile devices with a shock-absorbant protection with stylish and modern design.

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    Flexible Case Structure

    No matter what your iPhone might endure as you go about your hectic schedule, a Jellyboxx protective case is the only one you’ll ever need.

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    Light, Fun and Easy to pop in and out!

    Jellyboxx fuses the traditional iPhone case with stylish, modern design. Clear, refined looks and sales-centric elements combine to produce smart iPhone cases ideal for today's products and services.

Upcoming Events

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NYC Mercedez Benz

Jellyboxx & Mr. Triple X walk the runway. Feb. 19, 2015 @ 5pm.

Tumbler & Tipsy Spring 2015 Runway Show

Tumbler & Tipsy Spring 2015 Runway Show featuring Jellyboxx

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Spruce up your style by suiting up your iPhone in a Jellyboxx.

“Purchasing Jellyboxx was the best decision I’ve ever had to make. The sheer flexibility and durability of the case was what sold it for me.”

— Anthony Kennedy - Las Vegas, NV